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Lunar 65mm


Lunar light balls.
Robust and reliable light balls, construction with no moving parts which reduces the possibility of failure.
Programmable with magnet, fixed colours / flash colours / fade colours.

The price is per unit and does NOT include charger.

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The Kosmos Lunar light balls were the first Kosmos light products, developed almost 20 years ago.
It is the only light ball on the market that has the mechanism completely inside the ball, only a 7mm hole is left on the surface where it is loaded, this makes it much more resistant and durable.
The balls like all Kosmos light products are turned on, off and programmed with a magnet, which makes it easier to use on stage as it does not require a partner or the use of external controls, the artist can place the magnet in his wardrobe and when the ball is passed it will turn on.

Technical characteristics:
* 65mm diameter
* 130 grams
* 3 to 6 hours of light depending on the programme used
* rechargeable, NiMH type batteries, no memory effect
* 42 colours that can be used fixed, flashing at various speeds or combined in pairs, i.e. 2 colours can be chosen and when flashing one or the other will be shown alternately
* fixed mixed colour programmes