Supernova JS2


The Supernova JS2 clubs are the most technologically advanced clubs available.
The unique JS2 system allows you to synchronise light sequences by simply bringing any JS2 product in close proximity to each other.
The price is per unit and does not include the charger.


NOTE; The old version was 49cm long (short handle) in case you need an older version it must be indicated in the purchase note.

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The JS2 clubs have all the features described for the Supernova and add other innovative technologies. The big difference is the JS2 system, which stands for Juggling Synchronization System. The system allows each club to be used in some mode: Master mode, where the club emits a signal telling what programme it is doing, Pupil mode, where the club receives the signal, and Neutral mode, where the club neither emits nor transmits. Each clave can be selected in one of these modes. In practice this results in a unique range and stage comfort, e.g. you can go on stage with only one club, turn it on with a magnet hidden in the costume, do a manipulation routine with that clava alone. When you take the other club and just bring it close to the first one,
will light up and both will show the same programme.

It also has the Touch Sendor system. The system detects hits on the handle and changes colour. There are several programmes that use this system. For example you can choose 2 colours and every time you hit the club, it changes between one and the other.
Another option is that the club makes a base colour and flashes with another colour, this mode is very particular: the club calculates the time between 2 hits and divides it by two, this makes for example, that if we are playing 5 nails, the colour 1 is shown in the rise of the club, above it shows a flash of the other colour and in the descent it returns to the base colour. Another program changes with each stroke between preset combinations.


This nail also has 42 colours to choose from, which can be put on the whole club equally, or choose one colour for the handle and one for the body. You can also use fixed or strobe in various speeds.

* Length: 52 cm
* Weight: 240g
* Polyethylene body with rubber ends.
* Shockproof reinforced design.
* 19 customizable programs. User can select one or two colors, mixed or combined at different speeds.
* There are 42 colors and over 1,500 combinations.
* Memorization of two programs.
* 3 to 6 hours of illumination (depending on program).
* Rechargeable with built-in battery charge regulator with "auto shut-off" in low battery conditions to protect battery life.